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Product Placement

BLINTN provides you the list of content that is available for your product and service to be placed in, regardless of the country. If you're not sure which content is best for you, simply tell us what you're looking for! We'll choose content that maximizes the marketing effect for your product. With our extensive worldwide network, you can effortlessly target audiences who consume content on the other side of the world.

Content Selection

Check the available content list from BLINTN, and select the most suitable content for your product and service.

Detail Negotiation

Specify the details on how you want your product and service to be placed in, and negotiate further details.

Deal Agreement

After the details are confirmed, sign up and close the deal.

Filming & Exposure

The product and service will be exposed via the content within the promised period.

Possible Integration Methods

Make your brand visible to your target customers by simply placing your products into popular entertainment content

Usage Integration

Usage Integration

The cast directly uses the product. The product can be imprinted by the viewers which could lead to a direct sales increase.

Visual Integration

Visual Integration

The brand logo or promotional image can be placed as a prop, which can be led to an effective increase in brand awareness.

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

Make the celebrity(which was the cast) a brand ambassador. It can create powerful synergies used with the product placement.

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