Korean Content Exportation is on its Rapid Rise Regardless of the Pandemic

Photo Source: Film Daily

Despite the extension of the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean content overcame the coronavirus crisis rather successfully. The Korean Wave is actively growing and evolving in all aspects such as production, distribution, and consumption.

In-site consumption of content faced a sharp decline based on the pandemic. On the other hand, based on the analysis of the global Korean Wave trend, the content industry gained a considerable advantage due to the trend of virtual media consumption and drove the overall global growth of the Korean Wave. Exportation and global consumption of Korean content noticeably increased during 2020 compared to 2019, which is before the pandemic broke out. Overall popularity of Korean content also increased slightly although such a trend was rather divided based on the genres of content.

However, a strong trend of regional polarization was observed. For instance, the extent of popularization of the Korean Wave is rather leaning on countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. On the other hand, countries such as the U.K, France, Australia and the U.S. showed small decline or no change of awareness.

Moreover, the observable tendency of increasing gap between popular and unpopular Korean contents including TV series, films and entertainment shows polarization of popularization. In other words, acknowledged Korean content remains on the top of the chart whereas less popular remains on the bottom for a concerningly long period of time.