The Reason of Squid Game’s Success

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The U.S. and U.K media wrote a rave review about Squid Game, which has been ranked No. 1 in Netflix's worldwide TV category for seven days, and examined the reasons for its popularity.

CNN reported in an article titled "What it is and Why you will be obsessed with it?" that "Netflix's latest hit Squid Game is really amazing." CNN reported that the success of the series is a bit of a phenomenon much like the South Korean film Parasite turned out to be. He also mentioned that the game's loser does not survive, and that the horror series is causing a buzz would be an understatement.

A study was also raised that Squid Game ranked No. 1 in Netflix's popularity rankings in the U.S. in keeping with the trend of American viewers actively accepting non-English-speaking series.

Deadline said “Squid Game hits a milestone for Korean original series as it aims for Netflix’s viewership record books," and diagnosed, “Squid Game also is benefiting from the rising popularity — and acceptance — of non-English-language content among U.S. viewers. Since 2019, non-English-language viewing in the U.S. has grown by 71%, and 97% of Netflix’s U.S. subscribers have chosen to watch at least one non-English-language title in the past year. The ramp-up is even more dramatic for K-Series, whose US viewership has jumped over 200% between 2019 and 2021.”

In an article titled "Squid Games: the Hellish Horrorshow taking the whole world by storm," the Guardian said, " Squid Game’s backdrop is South Korea’s present-day, very wealth inequality.” adding, "There is an exaggeration, but can it be said that cruel games in series are scarier than the reality of living endlessly in debt?"

The New York Post introduced related hashtags craze on social media, saying in an article titled ‘How Netflix’s brutal Squid Game is already wreaking havoc around the world’, adding “It has already taken social media audiences hostage." The French BFM also said, "It surprised critics and viewers," adding, "It causes tension from beginning to end."

Squid Game is a piece that depicts a survival game in which competitors risk their lives in exchange for a prize pool of $38.5 million. Games that Korean children have enjoyed from the beginning of time, such as ‘What’s the time Mr.Wolf?’, ‘Dalgona Claw Machine’, ‘Tug-of-War’, ‘Bead Playing’, ‘Bridge Crossing’, and Squid Game, are featured as survival games in this series. Article Source: