Squid Game Takes First Place in All 83 Countries

Photo Source: Flixpatrol

Korea's Netflix original series Squid Game ranked first in the Netflix TV section in India as well. As a result, Squid Game takes first place in all 83 countries where Netflix is ​​serviced. This is the highest record in Netflix history.

In particular, it is very surprising that the Squid Game took first place in India.

India, which has a thriving film industry, has a high preference for and loyalty to its own content. Because of this, there was a forecast that it would not be easy to take first place in India for the Squid Game. Also, there were voices saying, “It is difficult to win first place without songs and dances.” In fact, most of the movies that have been successful in India are musicals which include dancing and singing. Of course, on the other hand, there was also expectation for Squid Game’s success in India. Because of the fact that it is a box office hit all over the world and that Anupam Tripati, an Indian actor, appeared in Squid Game. Anupam Tripati played the role of 'Abdul Ali', a migrant worker from Pakistan in Squid Game.

The success in countries around the world, including India, shows that Korean content can cross all cultural and linguistic barriers. Article Source: https://www.chosun.com/culture-life/culture_general/2021/10/02/EZYXBROEOJERRGCKCATKSMFXXE/